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Product Category Webasto P/N
Tester external regulator compressors Compressors 82DAT41900B
Refrigerant identifier Analyzers 82D134Y1234IDVA
Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer Analyzers 82D101105STEA
Universal solenoid and vacuum gauge Other 82D91329MA
Other 82DAT41830A
Ozone generator Other 82DAT41776A
Pliers for Inner Clutch Washers Compressors 82D90383MA
Pliers for external clutch retaining rings Compressors 82D90903MA
Pliers for Frigoclic Fittings Hoses 82DAT41546A
O-ring puller Hoses 82D91070A
A/C Systems Analyzer Analyzers 82DAT41880A
R134a A/C Systems Analyzer Analyzers 82DAT41881A
R1234yf A/C Systems Analyzer Analyzers 82DAT41881YFA
Industrial A/C Systems Analyzer Analyzers 82DAT41890A
Vacuum pump 142 l/min Pumps 82D15601A
Electronic scale Scales 82D98201MA
Vacuum pump 128 l/min Pumps 82D15501AEA2LA
Refrigerant analyzer for AC1234/8 Analyzers 82D1234IDEA
Electronic scale Scales 82D9030EA
Vacuum pump 85/71 lit/min Pumps 82D900632V220A
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