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Product Type Webasto P/N
Adapter M 1/4" SAE x MT 12x1,5 82D91042A
Bottle adaptor 82D93105A
Adapter H 1/4 mm x M 12 mm 82D93102A
Adapter M 1/4 SAE x M 14 mm 82D93104A
Adapter 8210928A
Adapter M 1/4 SAE x M 18 NPT 82D91047A
Adapter H 1/4 SAE x M 3/8 82D91048A
Adapter H 1/4 SAE x H 1/4 SAE 82D91049A
Adapter 1/2 ACME H x 1/4" M 82D93103A
Adapter 1/2 ACME M x 1/4" H 82D93101A
Adapter 90º 1/4" M x 1/4" H 82D40563A
Adapter 90º Adapter 1/4" M x 3/16" H 82D10469AA
Adapter Self-sealing 1/4" 82D10234A
Adapter 6mm x 1/4" male 82D93106A
Adapter R134a to 1/4" H 82DACT100731A
Adapter R134a a R12 90º 82DACT100731B
Bottle adaptor 7/16"H x 1/4"M 82D91038B
Bottle adaptor ¼ female Low socket for recharging 82D5117226A
Bottle adaptor R1234yf de 1/2”" 82D91044A
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