The following conditions apply to all sales of products made by WEBASTO THERMO & COMFORT IBÉRICA S.L.U. (hereinafter, WEBASTO IBÉRICA). The fact that any customer (hereinafter, CUSTOMER), makes an order, implies the acceptance without reservation of the conditions contained herein.
Without prejudice to the foregoing, the particular conditions that have been formally established in writing by WEBASTO IBÉRICA with the CLIENT shall govern the relations between the parties, taking into account the present General Conditions of a supplementary nature.


All new CUSTOMERS will be registered in the WEBASTO IBÉRICA database. WEBASTO IBÉRICA reserves the right to carry out any enquiries it deems appropriate in order to know the economic solvency of its CUSTOMERS. For these purposes, WEBASTO IBÉRICA is empowered to request, and CUSTOMERS undertake to provide, the necessary commercial documents to know their economic and financial situation. Based on the above, WEBASTO IBÉRICA may set or reduce the maximum risk level with a specific client. The CUSTOMER must provide WEBASTO IBÉRICA, for its knowledge and acceptance, with any significant variation in its economic or financial situation that implies a decrease in its payment possibilities.


Orders may be sent to WEBASTO IBÉRICA, either by post, telephone, fax or e-mail, or directly in the event of sale to the public, and WEBASTO IBÉRICA is under no obligation to issue proof of receipt of the order. All orders will be delivered cash on delivery. Any other system must be authorized by WEBASTO IBÉRICA or be stipulated in the Particular Conditions of Sale. In the event of non-payment of an amount deferred or fractionated when due, WEBASTO IBÉRICA reserves the right to suspend the supply of products until the situation has returned to normal. Failure to pay a instalment shall automatically result in the early expiry of the outstanding instalments. Likewise, and without prejudice to any interest in arrears that may arise in accordance with the Law, WEBASTO IBÉRICA will pass on to the CUSTOMER all the expenses incurred for these reasons, with an increase of 10 points over the current legal interest rate.


WEBASTO IBÉRICA retains ownership of the products supplied to the CUSTOMER until full payment of the corresponding amounts, reserving the right to recover the products in the event of non-payment of any due date. The expenses incurred for this reason will always be borne by the CUSTOMER.


The prices indicated in this price list do not include VAT and are subject to change without prior notice. Nevertheless, WEBASTO IBÉRICA will try to communicate these modifications as soon as possible.

WEBASTO IBÉRICA may apply a discount or commercial rebate per product on these prices, which will be reflected in the Particular Conditions of Sale. Any payment in favour of the CUSTOMER will be made as long as the CUSTOMER is up to date with its payment obligations.


WEBASTO IBÉRICA always dispatches its merchandise at due carriage, the risk and possibility of transport being borne by the addressee, unless otherwise agreed by WEBASTO IBÉRICA. In any case, claims for transportation must be made by the CUSTOMER. Therefore, the CUSTOMER must verify quantities, weight, dimensions, condition of the goods, etc.... at the time of receipt, to be able to personally exercise, in case of anomaly, the appropriate actions, and within the legal deadline, against whomever appropriate. The delivery times, which are in any case indicative, are based on the commitment of WEBASTO IBÉRICA to ensure that they are respected as accurately as possible. However, any delay shall not justify the buyer's failure to comply with its obligations, in particular the obligation to pay for the goods, nor shall it alter the agreed conditions.


Unless otherwise stated, the warranty on the products in this catalogue is TWO YEARS on the part. The warranty will not cover labor, transportation or other expenses.

The delivery to WEBASTO IBÉRICA of a part under presumed warranty presupposes the customer's authorization for WEBASTO IBÉRICA to carry out the tests, destructive or otherwise, on said part that it deems necessary for the validation of said warranty.


WEBASTO IBÉRICA will only accept returns that have been previously accepted by the Technical and/or Commercial Departments and authorized in the existing form for this purpose. In all cases, the new product must be returned complete and in its original packaging. Once the return of the material has been authorized, the CUSTOMER will return the material to the customer.

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